Thursday, October 13, 2011

Golden Hour Documentary

As part of CFAA's mission of promoting arts and culture in our state, we always hope that promoting the arts have a positive impact on the global society. 

Recently a specific case was brought to our attention, where a team of two faculty members and a student from our own CU Denver filmed a documentary titled The Golden Hour, in India this summer. The film is about curbing fatalities due to road accidents in India. India happens to be #1 right now on the global list for these kind of fatalities. 

The team is right now actively running a small fund-raising campaign that ends of 10/18 for their post production activities. While CFAA will not be able to do anything officially to support this cause, we wanted to bring this to the attention of arts lovers here in case anybody is interested. 

You can watch the trailer of this documentary below: 

For more information you can contact the director/producer of the  documentary directly - Roma Sur @ 720 675 ROMA 

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